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Service oriented, ambitious, inspirational, creative – get a feel for the SHL spirit

We like to think students at SHL are different. They are ambitious and driven. They have excellent skills and are inspiring to work with. And they are keen to be the next generation of hoteliers, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. 

The best way to see the SHL difference is to talk to our students. Connect with people who are already studying at SHL and you’ll get a feel for the SHL spirit. You’ll also be able to talk to our lecturers and ask them any questions you have. So, make that connection, and find out more about what it’s like to live, work and study at an original Swiss hotel management school. 


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At SHL, we have a long history of training the hoteliers, industry leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. Now, we are opening our doors to students around the world with the SHL BSc programme taught in English.

You could be one of the first to grasp this new opportunity and start out on your career with expert tuition from one of the two original Swiss hotel management schools. SHL is the only hotel management school offering a BSc in Hospitality Management in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne (HSLU), which means your degree will demonstrate the highest of Swiss standards in education.

Your degree will also comply with the Bologna Declaration in line with the European Credit Transfer System and will be fully accredited by the Swiss federal government. In other words, your degree could open doors for you wherever you choose to work.

Imagine studying at a school that helped to nurture the reputation for excellence that Switzerland now holds. The bachelor programme at SHL could make a huge difference in your future career and in your life.

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You’ll find SHL alumni around the world and at all the major industry award ceremonies too. From 2015 to 2018, Switzerland’s Hotelier of the Year were all SHL graduates. Some of the best Swiss hotels have SHL’ers as General Managers and in 2017-2018, Switzerland’s Hotels of the Year were managed by our alumni. You can follow some of their stories here on our website and on our Social Media channels. Dany manages a hotel in Beijing, Carla is a General Manager in Austria and Thomas is Managing Director of the amusement park Europapark. 

To have a feel for how your career could develop, read our alumni stories. Each of them followed their individual dreams, but they all started at SHL. And they all started with the same ambition: to be an enthusiastic hotelier. If you have that same hunger, that same commitment and that same drive, then connect with us. Share your ideas, comments and dreams with us using #enthusiastichotelier on Instagram or Twitter 

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